Stunning macOS 11 Cupertino Concept

Avdan-Kamer-Kaan has developed a jaw-dropping concept for macOS 11 named Cupertino. The concept features a clean, modern and sleek design. The mock-up also takes design language from iOS 11, which includes the same native app icons used. He also removed the dock and status bars background, cleaned up the interface by giving the notifications view a fresh look. As well as integrating Siri into Spotlight Search just like on iOS.

As rumours continue to develop about the potential death of the Mac App Store, Avdan showed how Universal Apps could look on the Mac if Apple follows through with this idea. He demonstrated this with the Apple Music app which looks like it’s iOS counterpart.  The mock-up also showed what it would look like if Apple allowed Mac owners to unlock it with their iPhone. Just like what happens now on Apple Watch.

Thank You to Avdan-Kamer-Kann for allowing Appleosophy permission to share this concept — You can follow Avdan on Social Media — Twitter: @AvdanKamerKaan, Instagram: @avdankamerkaan

macOS 11 Cupertino (Concept):