Apple Education Event: Summary of other announcements

As the Apple event keynote concludes, here is a summary of all of the other things Apple has shown off today. The coverage here on Appleosophy will  be continuing until we have everything covered to a high level of detail, so stay tuned.


  • Garageband has a new sound pack for kids.

School Management: 

  • Shared iPad systems for non 1:1 schools. Apple School Manager is a one-stop shop for IT administrators.
  • Apple ID can be created in mass or one off by your school’s tech team.
  • Managed Apple IDs now have 200GB of storage.

“Teachers are the heart of the classroom” “We want to help teachers use our product to create engaging learning experiences for all types of learners”.

  • Apple has been discussing the Apple Classroom app.

Updates, New Apple Apps & API’s: 

  • “Apple Classroom is coming to the Mac with the same features”. It’s available in beta in June.
  • “Schoolwork”: A new education app from Apple. It’s a cloud based app to assign handouts, tap into power of apps, and visibility into students progress. Schoolwork app available in June
  • “It’s easy for teachers to assign students to a specific activity within an app”
  • “This data stays private”. Apple cannot see student progress.
  • Classkit is a new API. A few apps have had early access, and many more are on the way.
  • Apple Teacher is a free and self paced online learning program for teachers.
  • AR Kit coming to Swift Playgrounds

Progress & Achievements: 

  • Teachers can earn badges. Apple loves seeing them shared on social media. Almost to 1 million badges handed out for training accomplishments.
  • Nikole Blanchard is a teacher from Baton Rouge who has earned every Apple Teacher badge.
  • Apple is now discussing Swift Playgrounds and Everyone Can Code.