(Update:) Apple has released the first developer beta of iOS 11.4 to registered developers

Apple today has released its first developer beta for iOS 11.4 which was announced at the education event last Tuesday. Beta 1 brings back AirPlay 2 and also introduces  Stereo HomePod pairing. However, if you have multiple HomePod’s and plan on downloading the beta for the Stereo paring functionality, then stop because you need the latest beta of the HomePod software which is currently unavailable.

We can only assume that Apple will be releasing the new beta for HomePod in the coming days or weeks to allow for developers – and eventually public beta testers – to test out the Stereo Paring. iOS 11.4 is most likely to be the last update of iOS 11 range as iOS 12 will be debuting in June.

Also in the beta, Apple re-introduced iMessages in iCloud which was suddenly removed in the Gold Master copy of iOS 11.3 for some reason – most likely some bugs. This time round iMessages in iCloud should come out with iOS 11.4 as it was promised back in June at WWD17 last year. If we discover any more features we will be sure to update this post.

UPDATE – Apple released iOS 11.4 for public beta testers.