Updated: Apple releases two new iPad with Apple Pencil tutorials

Apple has released two new iPad tutorials this time around featuring the Apple Pencil. These short videos are the latest instalment of tutorials that Apple releases to its YouTube channel periodically. Each video shows and talks about a different topic, with the first one using the new multitasking features in iOS 11 showing two applications open at once in split view, showing the viewer how to drag and drop between the two apps.

How to – iPad Style

Meanwhile, the second video demonstrates how to take a screenshot and mark it up with Apple Pencil, along with showing how to crop the screenshot down to the right size. Apple showed how to share it with friends using iMessage and how to finally save it to photos.

These two recently released adverts come out following the release of the new iPad (6th Generation) with Apple Pencil support last Tuesday. These videos were not the only thing that Apple has done to make finding features about the iPad easier. Apple launched an updated page on its website with the title “How to do even more with iPad.”. The website rounds-up all of Apple’s iPad feature adverts to make it easier for new users to follow along. The page also gives users links to the iPad User Guide, Tips & Tricks, Apple Support and Today at Apple sessions.

You can see the new iPad Tutorials below, and click/tap here to view Apple’s new web-page How to do even more with iPad website


Apple today has released two further adverts on its How To iPad Series, this time around they released tutorials titled “How to sketch in notes using Apple Pencil” and “How to master multiple emails at the same time”. You can watch the new tutorials below: