“Hey Siri, Tell me a joke”

Hurray! We’ve finally moved on from the only two jokes Siri knows: “The Past, Present and Future walked into a Bar. It was tense.” and “Get Siri-ous”. Today, MacRumors discovered that Siri has new jokes, most likely for HomePod users – just like the Amazon Echo and Google Home – however, iOS users benefit from the new jokes too.

There is one negative though, Siri doesn’t give you time to think of an answer and shows the ‘punch-line’ on screen before even Siri has a chance to read it out. Although the jokes might bring a small smile to your face, I don’t think that you’ll be in hysterics with the new jokes, ask Siri for a joke by using the following command “Hey Siri, Tell me a Joke”.

Some examples of the new jokes are:

“I got my best friend a fridge for her birthday.”, “I can’t wait to see her face light up when she opens it.”

“I couldn’t figure out why the cricket ball kept getting larger.”, “Then it hit me.”

“The sporting goods store just had a big sale on canoes.”, “It was quite the oar deal.”

“As soon as you find out someone has 10,000 bees, marry them.”, “That’s when you know they’re a keeper.”

“If you get heartburn every time you eat birthday cake, try taking the candles off.”

“How should you address an alligator in a vest?”, “In-vest-a-gator.”

“I asked my new friend to meet me at the gym, but they never showed up.”, “I guess the two of us aren’t going to work out.”

“A pun about steak? That’s a rare medium well done.”

“I don’t often tell Dad jokes.”, “But when I do, he usually laughs.”

“I stayed up all night, wondering where the sun went.”, “Then it dawned on me.”

“What’s Harry Potter’s favourite way of getting down a hill”?, “Walking…  JK Rolling.”

“Does anyone want to buy my old vacuum cleaner?”, “It’s just gathering dust.”