The Federal Communications Commision leaks potential Gold iPhone X

Today, the FCC (Federal Communications Commision) has leaked pictures of a Gold iPhone X. The information was dated in September 2017 and due for release in April 2018. The images leaked show the iPhone X in Gold – no sign of PRODUCT(RED) – The shade of colour matches the iPhone 8’s gold version which is currently on-sale. The annotations from around the photo, show that the Gold iPhone X includes an ‘LCD Display’ – however, this is very peculiar as the iPhone X contains an OLED panel.

The iPhone also features European markings on the back, The documentation indicates that this iPhone X has a ‘A1903’ model identifier, current iPhone X models in existence have identifiers ‘A1865’, ‘A1901’, and ‘A1902’. However, Apple has really missed its big opportunity to release a Gold, iPhone X as it could have done so alongside the PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus release, last week.