Preview: Apple’s new Schoolwork app on iPad

Apple will be releasing its Schoolwork app this Summer, just in time for the new academic school year starting in September 2018. The brand-new app was revealed at its Chicago, Education Event last month. Schoolwork is Apple’s answer to a classroom management app, this could be a minor competitor for Show My Homework (SMHW) which is another app that is popular among schools in the United Kingdom. The app recently entered beta and will be available to schools.

The app has a big focus on assignments – for teachers to set them and students to view them – allowing children to submit their work, getting it straight to their teacher. Students have a few capabilities inside of the Schoolwork app and we have obtained some screenshots of the new app which will be a big help to teachers in their classroom along with helping them with their planning process and following Apple’s new curriculum of “Everyone Can Create”.

See what’s due this week: Focus on what you need to do for all your classes, and check off what you’ve done.

Share your work: Submit work directly from Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, or share from any app.

Check your progress: Use your student page to find work you’ve created ands see your progress in apps.

Apple has created a clean User Interface (UI) making it as easy to use and as simple as possible, the app’s front page shows students a timetable of the tasks that they need to complete for that week. If they scroll further down they can see tasks that are due after 7 days from that current day. When the student is on a standard class page, students will see a list of assignments and their due dates, once they complete that piece of work they can mark it as completed.

The teachers’ version of the app, obviously, has more features:

Create handouts: Share announcements, homework, or a quick reminder.

Guide students in apps: Direct students to an activity in an app, or collaborate with students in just a few taps.

Personalize learning: Send a handout to a single student or the entire class, based on student needs.

Review student progress: See student work and progress in apps all in one place.

Provide instant feedback: Review work in any file, and give students feedback while they work.

Focus on teaching: Let schoolwork help you focus on students.

As expected, teachers can see a large amount of data about their students, with the ability to see what assignments have not been done and what assignments have been done. They can also see overall statistics such as the number of students who have and haven’t completed the task set. The app can also request the student to upload the assignment directly to Schoolwork.

In terms of the tools that teachers have access to when setting a new assignment, they can choose which students receive the new task and the due date. Teachers also have the ability to choose which apps are included in the assignment and details on the activity they are setting, there are other features too:

  • Ability to Upload Files
  • Add Links
  • Add Bookmarks
  • Add Photos
  • Add Videos

In this demonstration, Pixelmator is showing what it could be used for in a geometry class.

“Learn the basics of geometry by drawing and measuring different shapes in Pixelmator.”

Schoolwork supports apps that don’t yet have ClassKit integration, however, the student is to do the work and that progress will not be tracked.

Schoolwork Gallery: