Apple could be launching paid magazine news subscription within the next year

Apple recently acquired magazine service Texture. Reports coming in from Bloomberg indicate that Apple will be creating a premium magazine subscription – just like Apple Music – within a year. The service would incorporate magazines from a range of different sources and publishers. The proposed new subscription would be accessed through the Apple News app which would have added features.

The pricing of the new magazine service will be $9.99, which is the same price as the current Apple Music subscription for an Individual. It’s currently unclear if there will be Student or Family plans available for this new service. Apple News currently has a subscription for news in its app but not in the way you might think. Currently, pricing is based on a publication-per-publication basis.

Apple News’ Premium Subscription, would mean that users get free reign on what content they want to see and read and that the publishers would get a cut out of the Apple News premium subscription price. This was the business model of Texture, as Apple recently laid off 20 members of the Texture Team while transitioning the rest over to Apple. The current vision of the Tech Giant is to double its Services revenue by 2021.

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