Best Apple Watch Apps – Spring 2018

With the Apple Watch continuing to develop more popularity, the ream of apps that are available to be downloaded – in the App Store – will hopefully continue to grow. In this post, you will find some useful apps that you might just want to use on your Apple Watch.

Just Press Record

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Just Press Record is an app that uses your Apple Watch’s microphone to record audio. This could be handy to record important conversations or lectures in school, college or university. The app comes with a complication you can add as the watch face and just tap to start recording. The app also has the ability to transcribe your recordings.


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Circa allows you to schedule events or meetings with other people around the globe in different time zones or even in the same country. Allowing both parties to see when their schedules overlap, by adding work hours. The app can send meeting invites – making the entire process of scheduling easier. This would be a perfect app for teams based in multiple locations around the world.

V for Wikipedia

Paid Download 

V is the ultimate open-source knowledge app, allowing you to browse Wikipedia directly from your wrist. This app is for those who are curious or just to settle an argument. You can search for articles by voice, which makes it faster to get to the article you want.


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MultiTimer doesn’t need a genius to work out what it does – however, the app allows you to set multiple timers and you can save pre-sets such as a “Tea Brewing” timer which you could start every time you make a cuppa. The user interface is easy to use, and timers can be categorised easily by using colours, sounds, names and icons.


Free Download 

Clicker is a simple but useful tool that counts anything. All you have to do is open the app and tap the Apple Watch screen every time you want to add to your total. The app also comes with haptic feedback and a nice sound when a click is registered. The app can count up to 2,147,483,647 taps so give your finger a little workout.

So, there is just a brief summary of some useful apps that you can download and use to get the most out of your Apple Watch. If you have any useful apps that you use frequently on your Apple Watch let me know on Twitter @Kainmonty and they might get featured in the next edition.