Apple releases two new Switch to iPhone campaign videos

Apple today has released two new Switch to iPhone campaigns. Which is the latest in a series of adverts to entice users to switch to iOS. The first one is about the App Store being more secure on iOS compared to any other phone manufacturer’s App Store.

The woman starts off in the “your store” left-hand side of the split-screen and picks an app off the shelf and it explodes with “Powder Paint”. Before she puts the app back on the shelf, rubs the paint out of her eyes and prominently walks to the iOS side of the screen and picks an app off the shelf with the word “Secure” appearing before the “your store” shelf collapses and the advert ends.

iPhone — App Store — Apple

Meanwhile, in the second “skit”, it demonstrates two women taking portraits of themselves. The first woman is on the left-hand side taking photos on “your phone”. However, on the right-hand side, it shows another woman taking photographs of herself using the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X portrait mode filters which still remain in beta. Until the woman on the left gets angry and marches over to the right-hand side frame. Nudging, the original women out the frame — with the text “amazing portraits” appearing — before the advert ends.

iPhone — Portraits — Apple

Other Adverts from “Why Switch to iPhone?” Series: