iTunes is now available in the Windows 10 Microsoft Store

Microsoft announced that iTunes would be coming to the built-in, Windows 10 Microsoft Store last year at Build 2017. Build for those who don’t know is Microsoft’s developer conference which is held annually just like WWDC. Windows users can finally download iTunes today, after a short-delay. There is no difference between the download from Apple’s website and the version of the app from the Microsoft Store.


The only difference is that you won’t get annoyed by the ‘Apple Software Updater’. Which pops-up every time an update is available. All updates will instead be done automatically through the Microsoft Store. The main reason Apple announced an iTunes app for Windows 10 is because of Microsoft’s release of Windows 10 S which is for students. Windows 10 S only allows for apps to be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store and .exe files cannot be run. Kind of like a’ sandbox’ environment.

This follow’s Spotify’s move last year to add their app to the Microsoft Store. If you’re going to be downloading iTunes from the Microsoft Store then you’re version form Apple’s website will be over-written and will migrate any settings over, the first time you run the iTunes app.