Apple Podcasts now has 500k shows and 50 billion downloads

Apple Podcasts recently received an overhaul in iOS 11 with continued improvements being released in iOS 11.3. Changes and additions were made such as Podcast Analytics and Interface Tweaks. Although, there are major competitors such as Overcast being available in the App Store. The Podcasts app has basic features but at the end of the day, all it needs to do is play the podcast you want to listen to.

In March 2018, The iOS Podcasts app hit 50 billion all-time episode downloads and streams. Which is a major increase from the previous 13.7 billion in 2017. The data comes from downloads in iTunes and the Podcasts app, as well as streams.

Data for Podcasts from Fast Company:

As content has grown, so has the fanbase:

  • 2014, there were 7 billion podcast downloads.
  • 2016, that number jumped to 10.5 billion.
  • 2017, it jumped to 13.7 billion episode downloads and streams, across Podcasts and iTunes.
  •  March 2018, Apple Podcasts passed 50 billion all-time episode downloads and streams.

There is currently 525,000 active shows, 18.5+ million singular episodes on the Platform. In 100 languages and 155 countries. Speaking at the Code Media conference last year, Eddie Cue said Apple should “absolutely” do more when it comes to podcasting and that they had some things up their sleeves.

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