Lehigh Valley and Orland Square Apple Stores are to relocate to larger spaces this year

As Apple continues to ramp up its effort to modernise and increase the space of their stores as much as possible, a recent filing with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Suggests that Apple could be relocating their Leigh Valley and Orland Square stores. Both stores have not really been modernised really since 2007 which is when they opened.

A photo posted by Bobby Trif (above) in early April showed large, temporary walls constructed around two vacant stores adjacent to the Apple Store as Ann Taylor and J. Crew recently ‘packed up shop’ at that location. The move was confirmed to be taking place according to a document discovered by The Morning Call which was filed with the SEC by mall co-owner Simon Property Group.

That exact same document shed light on Apple’s plans to also relocate their Orland Square Mall location near Chicago. Just a few doors down to the previous Forever 21 store. To be clear, Apple has not commented or announced their plans publicly to re-locate – however, the move is expected to happen in 2018 according to the obtained document. According to the filing, Apple’s Lehigh Valley construction has a projected completion date of September just in time for the launch of the new iPhone’s.

Leigh Valley (Left) and Orland Square Mall (Right) Apple Stores: