Microsoft would like to work with Apple to integrate iMessages into the new Your Phone app

Microsoft recently hosted their annual Build conference in Seattle, WA. They revealed a new app coming to Windows 10 — continuing their focus on building the Windows 10 experience across iOS and Android devices. The new app announced at Build 2018 is called Your Phone. Which will send, notifications, text messages and photos from your iPhone or Android Device to your Windows 10 PC.

Where’s the problem you may ask?

Well, it’s the fact that iMessage is locked down to Apple’s eco-system only. Meaning the Your Phone app would only be able to use the photo library of the iPhone as well as mirroring notifications. Ranganathan says Apple makes it challenging to add support for Messages. Microsoft wants the Your Phone app to be fully functional on both sides of the equation. When asked here is what Ranganathan said:

“Apple does make it a tad harder for messages, but we’re very willing to work with Apple,” Ranganathan says.

“I want to do this in a supported way with a respect for the ecosystem we’re building on and at the same time make it a delightful experience. Messages is one where we’re not currently where we need to be compared to Android, but we need to work with Apple.”

Microsoft has not yet approached Apple regarding the Your Phone iMessage integration. If and when they do – it’s very unclear if Apple would accept such a request as they might want the iMessage functionality to be exclusive to their own products. Hopefully, Microsoft and Apple can work together to bring this experience to Windows 10 and iOS, just like they did when they brought iTunes to the Microsoft Store.

If you would like to find out more about Build 2018 – including announcements such as recently added Windows 10 feature Timeline, which is planned to come to iOS later this year – then you can head over to the Microsoft’s Build 2018 Website.