Apple features accessibility features on homepage for global accessibility awareness day

Yesterday – May 17th, was Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Apple updated its homepage to mark this day which highlights its accessibility features that are built into iOS. Apple has put the heading “technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone”. As with everything on Apple’s homepage it has a link, this time it links to Apple’s accessibility homepage. Which has an accessibility film. Which was first shown back at the October 2016 event. When the new MacBooks were introduced.

Taking a family portrait. Catching up over FaceTime. Raising the blinds to let in the morning light. We want everyone to enjoy the everyday moments that technology helps make possible, so we work to make every Apple product accessible from the very start. Because the true value of a device isn’t measured by how powerful it is, but by how much it empowers you.

For those who are visiting the page who have a hearing disability. A transcript version of the film can be read aloud by the VoiceOver feature. The page outlines the accessibility features, split into 4 categories; Vision, Hearing, Physical and motor skills, Learning and literacy.

The pages also has information about Today at Apple sessions which teach the assistive technologies in Apple Stores:

Discover accessibility features that work for you in a Today at Apple session.

Every Apple Store offers in-person Today at Apple sessions designed to teach the basics of using the assistive technologies built into our products.

That is not the only accessibility announcement as Apple expands “Everyone Can Code” to schools servicing Disability Students. You can read the full article by Jing Moreno over on the Appleosophy website.