Apple News has a new ‘Royal Wedding’ tab for users in the United Kingdom

For those who use the Apple News app in the U.K., you will have noticed that tonight Apple has added a new tab. Dedicated for all of the latest from the Royal Wedding which will be happening tomorrow at noon. The tab features articles from a range of sources – at the time of publication, the headlining story is ‘Get ready for a right royal party’ by the Evening Standard.

Most of the content featured in the Apple News app is controlled by the algorithm. However, you can tell that this section of Apple News is under human control as the content blocks have been re-arranged. The new temporary ‘Royal Wedding’ tab takes the place of ‘Spotlight’ tab and also features a new colour scheme comprised of red and gold.

Although, the wedding is getting attention from around the globe with journalists and visitors coming over to the U.K. to see the ‘wedding of the year’. The Apple News tab continues to remain exclusive to those in the U.K. Apple News is only available to those in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

If you scroll to the bottom of the ‘Royal Wedding’ tab you will find a section which will allow you to sign up for the email newsletter. Which Apple say’s they will send you all the latest news straight to your inbox.

What you can find in the ‘Royal Wedding’ tab:

  • Partial Picks
  • The Backstory
  • Who’s Who
  • Her & Him
  • Videos
  • Order of Service
  • Where to watch
  • And Finally…