Samsung S9 advert mocks iPhone 6

In a recently released commercial from Samsung, they mocked the iPhone 6 by portraying it as physically slow. While the S9 was presented as a “super-fast” device. You may be wondering why they chose an iPhone 6 to mock, this has us all wondering – why a company like Samsung would mock a 2018 phone, compared to a 2014 phone. Why not the iPhone X?

The advert features a woman walking into an Apple Store showing the employee the extremely exaggerated performance throttling. The Apple Store employee suggests to the woman that she upgrades her phone. The Apple Store environment was completely ‘fake’ and an Apple Store employee would never issue that advice straight away as they would have to complete diagnostics. CNET also noted that; for the activities shown, there would be no discernible lag. And you definitely wouldn’t be waiting for something like a boarding pass to load in the Wallet app.

Samsung is not the only company to mock Apple’s iPhone line-up with Google boasting about the fact that their Pixel device still has a headphone jack in their original ad campaign. However, that totally back-fired as Google took the same bold move as Apple did back in 2016. To ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack so looks who’s the one who is laughing now.

Samsung has appeared to have run out of commercial ideas, as they copied the Shot on iPhone campaign – back in June 2016. With their spin-off being called ‘Captured on Galaxy S7’ and does not feature content (photos and videos) by users. Instead, they used professional equipment such as helicopters or drones.

Samsung is unapologetic about its Apple’hating campaigns, with the company saying that they are ‘relevant, bold and right.’ You can let me know what you think by leaving a comment below – after watching the ad – or by Tweeting me, I’m on Twitter @Kainmonty.

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