One month free of upgraded iCloud storage is now available

Apple’s upgraded iCloud storage plans have received a lot of criticism since they launched. Sometimes users can be pressured into buying a higher tier plan because that annoying “Storage almost full” keeps appearing periodically. With this new permanent offer, users will now receive one free month of the selected storage plan of their choice.

As written by AppleInsider, the free trial option appears when a user attempts to back up their iiOS device to iCloud but does not have enough storage to do so. The pop-up message promotes a step-up to the 50GB, but the free trial option applies to the 200GB and 2TB tiers.

“You do not have enough space in iCloud to back up your iPhone. A 50 GB plan gives you plenty of space to continue backing up your iPhone. Your first month is free and it’s just $0.99 each month after.”

Just like the Apple Music subscription format, after the one-month free trial expires it will renew at the normal price. If you are already paying for an iCloud Storage Plan then this trial will not be available to you. Regardless if you are upgrading from a paid plan.

Apple announced back at its education event last March; that they will be upgrading the free storage offered to schools from 5GB to 200GB.

Storage Plan Tiers:

  • 5 GB — Free
  • 50 GB — $0.99 | £0.79
  • 200 GB — $2.99 | £2.49
  • 2 TB — $9.99 | £6.99