Apple begins promoting WWDC18 on Twitter

Apple has begun its Twitter ads campaign ahead of the WWDC18 keynote, which will be taking place on Monday, June 4th. The advert will appear when scrolling down your timeline in the main Twitter app. It’s obviously hit and miss based on your interests as Twitter shows advertisements that it thinks are relevant to you.

The ad comes with an 8-second video of the WWDC18 branding animating. Accompanying the video is some text which contains the date and time of the WWDC keynote. Just like with previous Apple event Twitter ads, Apple includes a hashtag it being this time around #WWDC18.

Sometimes Twitter adds an icon to the end of the hashtag if it gains momentum or is for a special event/occasion. However, Twitter is yet to add a symbol on to the #WWDC18 hashtag. If you search the hashtag #AppleEvent, Twitter has added a mini Apple logo to the end of the hashtag as Apple events tend to be quite popular when it comes to reaction to the announcements.

The company also touts the fact that they want you to Retweet the ad – most likely so it gains even more traction – but primarily so the Tech Giant can give you a reminder on the day of the Apple event in your notifications tab. Which comes in handy for those with forgetful memories or who just aren’t that keen on WWDC but want to watch the keynote anyway.

WWDC18 Twitter Ad:

After you’ve retweeted the ad, Apple will mention you using your Twitter handle. With this Tweet containing an 8-second toggle switch which bounces before turning on and staying on. Just like the GIF in the email sent out to the press last week. Apple says that they’ll send you a reminder before the event so you’ll “stay in the know.” And “We’ll see you June 4.” Before concluding the Tweet with the hashtag #WWDC18. You can see my tweet below:

“We’ll send a reminder”:

This comes as Apple starts decorating the McEnergy Convention Center in San Jose as WWDC inches ever closer. The banners being put up match the WWDC18 design scheme. Which is currently being used on Apple’s website and in press invitations.

We’ll be on the ground providing you with all of the latest coverage from WWDC18. Including our on-the-day live blog and in-depth articles. So stay tuned to Appleosophy. If you’re wondering how to watch the WWDC18 Keynote live, or not sure what time it starts in your time-zone read this article. You can also view our full WWDC18 coverage plans here.

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