Apple’s is to close Wangfujing and Covent Garden retail stores for renovation later this month

As Apple continues to ramp up its effort to modernise and increase the space of their stores as much as possible, it’s Covent Garden and Wangfujing will be closing later this month for refurbishment. The modernisation of Apple Store’s is mainly to provide the new large video screen that Today at Apple uses.

Wangfujing Store:

The Wangfujing Store will be closing temporarily on June 24th. For some background, the store first opened on October 20, 2012. Making it one week older than Apple Palo Alto, which closed for refurbishment last month.

Apple Covent Garden:

Meanwhile, the Covent Garden Store will also be closing temporarily on June 27th. The Covent Garden is a major store in London and it first opened on August 7th, 2010. Which was the “world’s largest” Apple Store at the time. Which is quite fitting considering it was the 300th Apple Store. Inside the store, you will see unique building features such as exposed ductwork, raw brick walls and wood floors.