Apple Park employees will be getting standing desks as Tim Cook says ‘sitting is the new cancer’

Apple Park is Apple campus based in Cupertino, California. Yesterday, David Rubenstein interviewed Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. The main point to take way was that all employees will be getting their desks upgraded to standing ones.

We have given all of our employees, 100%, standing desks. If you can stand for a while, then sit, and so on and so forth, it’s much better for your lifestyle.

The new desks that will be installed, will have both sitting and standing capabilities. To ensure a balance of health and well being. Tim Cook previously described sitting as ‘the new cancer’ when talking about stand alerts on Apple Watch back in 2015.

If I sit for too long, it will actually tap me on the wrist to remind me to get up and move, because a lot of doctors think sitting is the new cancer. Ten minutes before the hour, it will remind you to move. We have a lot of people using the Apple Watch at Apple, and ten minutes before the hour, suddenly they all get up and move. It took a little to get used to, but it’s great.

It’s unclear what desks Apple plans to install at the companies latest HQ. However, we can share interior photos. From what we can see, the desks have been custom made and fit in with the Apple Park designing as they feature minimalist up/down controls.

Images of the new standing desks: