Apple releases iOS 12 Beta 2 to registered developers

Apple has officially released iOS 12 beta 2 to registered developers for testing on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS 12 beta 2 will most likely include more stability improvements and bug fixes. However, as we continue to test, we can expect Apple to continue tweaking different things throughout the software. This new beta software comes a week on after iOS 12 beta 1 was released to registered developers.

We’ll be updating this post will all the new changes that can be found.

What’s in the Beta 1?

Speed Improvements:

So far in the previous beta, Apple made some really noticeable speed improvements as they touted through the keynote. Apps can launch 40% faster, the keyboard can appear 50% faster and slide to take a photo can be up to 70% faster. CPU performance can ramp up instantly when needed.

Newly redesigned apps; Apple Books – keeping the same icon. Voice Memos – received a new icon. Stocks – keeping the same icon. Apple News – keeping the same icon.


Photos received a few major updates including a new ‘For You’ tab. Which includes featured photos, effect suggestions, shared album activity and memories which were introduced back in iOS 10.

Siri Improvements:

Siri is gaining a new Shortcuts features which allows any app to provide quick actions to Siri. For example, the Tile app can expose an option to add a phrase to Siri like “I lost my keys”. Just like the routines feature on the Amazon Echo. Siri can also suggest app actions on the lock screen for starting a workout, ordering a coffee and more.

Do Not Disturb and Screen Time:

Do Not Disturb has received major updates this year. Including the ability to hide alerts during bedtime hours, a new good morning lock-screen feature which will also show weather information.

Screen Time will give you a weekly summary of how you’ve used your iPhone or iPad with the options to view charts, how often the device is picked up and which apps are sending the most alerts.


Notifications are now grouped on the lock-screen and in the Notification Centre. Alongside allowing users to fine-tune notifications.


FaceTime gained new functionalities, which now lets users join a call with up to 32 people. With a new way to join… via the Messages app. The User Interface will dynamically change based on the person who will be speaking as their tile will gradually increase. You can also use Animoji and Memoji in the FaceTime app.


Animoji now features tongue detection, working will all characters, including the new ones; ghost, Khola, Tiger and t-rex.