Apple releases watchOS 5 Beta 2 for registered developers

Apple has officially released watchOS 5  beta 2 to registered developers for testing on Apple Watch. watchOS 5 beta 2 will most likely include more stability improvements and bug fixes. However, as we continue to test, we can expect Apple to continue tweaking different things throughout the software. This new beta software comes a week on after watchOS 5 beta 1 was released to registered developers.

We’ll be updating this post will all the new changes that can be found.

What’s in the Beta 1?

Workout App:

Automatic workout detection can automatically start and end a workout for a limited set of workouts. The watch will suggest to start tracking with it including retroactive credit.


Apple has added a new voice messaging app called Walkie-Talkie. You can send a voice message over Wi-Fi or Cellular/Mobile data. It has quick shortcuts to communicate with people you talk to most. The User Interface is simple for you to send a message via the press-to-talk feature.

Siri Watch Face:

The Siri watch face was the only watch face to receive an update at WWDC. This time around the Siri watch face supports the new Siri Shortcuts which was introduced with iOS 12. As well as new data sources which include; Sports, Heart Rate and Maps. The remaining time on the Workout can appear on one of the tiles, updating dynamically. For the first time ever third-party apps can integrate with the Siri Watch face.

Siri Improvements:

Siri, just like in iOS 12, has received some improvements. Starting off with automatic Siri recognition. You no longer need to say the starting phrase of “Hey Siri”. Apple Watch also supports viewing web content inside of Messages. So you can get a good preview of web content in Mail or Messages. The HTML viewing mode also supports Reader Mode.


For the first time ever, Podcasts is now available on the Apple Watch. With streaming on Wi-Fi and on Cellular/Mobile data. The playback also syncs across all of your devices.

Other features coming in watchOS 5:

  • Choose Wi-Fi network
  • Background audio mode
  • Scheduled Do Not Disturb
  • Answer FaceTime video as audio
  • Customize Control Centre
  • Hindi localization
  • Combined notifications
  • Parkinson’s Research API
  • Audio Controller API
  • Add stocks
  • Install software updates tonight
  • Student ID Cards
  • Add cities to Weather
  • Notification tuning
  • Memories in Photo face
  • Improved API for workout tracking
  • New emoji picker
  • New Awards tab
  • Air quality in Weather
  • Wind direction and speed in Weather
  • UV Index in Weather
  • Podcast complication
  • Customize World Clock