Best Apple Watch Apps – Summer 2018

The Apple Watch is something that you may wear daily. Apps on the Apple Watch have to be simple, quick and easy to use. The apps in this list are for improving your life as well as speeding up activities you may find yourself doing on a daily basis.

iTranslate Converse by iTranslate:

Free Download  (In-App Purchases)  •  ★★★★☆  •  4+

iTranslate Converse won the Apple Design Awards 2018, which shows how good the app must be. iTranslate Converse is an app which allows for you to speak into your Apple Watch in your preferred language. The app will then repeat the phrase but in the other language selected. The display will then flip to allow the other user to speak back in their preferred language, which will then translate back into your language. You can speak and convert into 38 languages. Alongside, automatic language detection which will speed up the conversion process. The app is extremely fast and has a clean and simple user interface. The app also has an amazing iOS app to go alongside the Apple Watch version.

Calzy 3 by WapleStuff:

Paid Download  •  ★★★★★  •  4+

Calzy 3 is a calculator app for Apple Watch. The app has a feature called “Memory Area” in which you can store multiple numerical values and reuse it across multiple calculating sessions. Calzy 3 also features a bookmarking feature allowing you to save calculations. The app is at the forefront of technologies such as the app supporting FaceID, 3D Touch, Dark Mode, Custom App Icons and Universal app with handoff support. You can do a whole host of calculations with this app such as Tax functions. If you number crunch a lot then this $1.99 app will be for you.

City Mapper by Citymapper Limited:

Free Download  •  ★★★★☆  •  4+

City Mapper is your ultimate travel companion if you’re travelling this Summer. You will have access to real-time departure boards, Transit maps, Line statuses and real-time disruption alerts. If you prefer to travel using popular ride service Uber then there is a direct integration for you. If you prefer to go green and cycle instead you will find Bike routing and live bike sharing info. The app also features a complication for some Watch Faces bringing you the latest information at the tap of your wrist, which is handy for those who make use of the Bike routing feature.

Sleep Cycle by Northcube AB:

Free Download (In-App Purchases)  •  ★★★★★  •  4+

Sleep Cycle is an app that tracks your sleep each night. Giving you a percentage on how well you slept that night. You will also get data such as time snoring, the stages of your sleep, Time in Bed and your average heart rate. The app will also intelligently wake you up within a 30-minute-window – of your choosing – to make sure you wake up in the best possible mood, and that you don’t get awoken while in a deep sleep. The app also has a set of premium features which provides greater analysis on your sleep.

Just Press Record by Open Planet Software:

Paid Download  •  ★★★★☆ •  4+

Just Press Record is a voice recording app which includes transcription and iClod syncing across all of your devices. You can capture the moments you can’t miss, effortlessly with the app using the simple user interface. One button to start, the same button to stop. You can choose which microphone to record from, all while recording discreetly in the background. On Apple Watch you can pause the recording just by swiping down and you can adjust the volume using the Digital Crown. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there’s so much more that this app can do.

Bible by Life.Church:

Free Download  •  ★★★★★ •  4+

If you’re religious and you follow the Bible then this app is for you. The app allows you to choose to read the Bible in 1 of 30 languages, while, also letting you choose a color palette and theme for the app. You can highlight with custom colors, add notes and even share with friends. Bible also has a great feature that allows the app to read the Bible out to you like an Audiobook. So if you are driving somewhere, you can listen to the Bible while you travel to your destination which seems like a pretty nifty feature.

Little Ben by Juan Pedro Lozano:

Paid Download  •  ★★★☆☆ •  4+

If you’re time conscious, for example; while delivering a presentation at work or while you’re swimming. Then Little Ben will be a useful app for you. The app will give you a haptic feedback based on a set time period if it’s been 3 minutes you will get 3 taps and so on. Alternatively, you can have the app tap you on the wrist each hour, giving you a number of taps per hour so say it was 5 pm, then you’ll get 5 vibrations. You can change the haptic strength from very soft to very strong.

There you go, hopefully, you will find some of the above apps useful. If you have an app that you think could be included in the Autumn 2018 edition of Best Apps for Apple Watch then leave it in the comments below or Tweet me on Twitter @kainmonty.

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