You can now view all of Apple’s active promoted tweets

Apple has been on Twitter for a few years now. The executives at Apple periodically share updates on social media, mainly on Twitter. Tim Cook tweets on momentous occasions such as his meetings with app developers and suppliers. @Apple is not the only account in which Apple owns. They have accounts for Apple Music, iTunes, Apple TV and more.

Apple’s Twitter

The Apple Twitter account has never tweeted but is nearly has 2 million followers. However, Apple uses a third-party company for Promoting Tweets. Which target specific demographics controlled by Apple. These tweets are hidden from everyone viewing them. However, you can now see them via the Ads Transparency Center which was a new feature recently added by Twitter.

Apple Ads:

You can view all of Apple’s Promoted Tweets here. Although, they’re usually hidden there’s nothing exclusive here. However, if you enjoy seeing ‘behind-the-scenes’ then it’s interesting to see what Apple is currently advertising. Apple runs a lot of ads with rather a lot of them in multiple languages as tech giant advertises around the world.