Apple releases macOS 10.14 Beta 3 for registered developers

Apple has officially released macOS 10.14 beta 3 to registered developers for testing on MacBooks and iMacs. macOS 10.14 beta 2 will most likely include more stability improvements and bug fixes. However, as we continue to test, we can expect Apple to continue tweaking and adding different things throughout the software. This new beta software comes two weeks on after macOS 10.14 beta 2 was released to registered developers.We’ll be updating this post will all the new changes that can be found.

Betas Timeline:

Beta 2:

A new user interfaces for system software updates.Mac App Store can now be resized which is useful for those who have smaller screens.Maps now has a dark iteration of the map for when using Dark Mode.

Beta 1:

Dark Mode:

Dark Mode is officially introduced into macOS, system-wide in all apps such as photos, Finder, Calendar, Mail, Messages, iTunes, Pages, Xcode and more.A dynamic wallpaper has been introduced to slowly change from a lighter version during the day to a darker version during the night.

Desktop Stacks:

If you’re a messy person with your files all over your desktop, Stacks will be able to help you out. The new feature atomically arranges files on the desktop by tag, type, date and more. Auto organized and new files will automatically go into their respective stacks. You can scrub files inside the stack with a mouse over.


Finder includes a new Gallery view with a big preview window and scroll bar along the bottom section of the display. The new sidebar shows quick actions like markup and routing and full metadata. The sidebar is now contextual and changes based on file type. Automator actions in the quick actions menu now allows you to make custom buttons for the sidebar such as watermarking a PDF. Quick Look has gained more features such as crop, trim videos, rotate or markup.


When a screenshot is taken a new thumbnail in the lower-right corner will appear – just like in iOS 11 and later – with options for you to mark up, share, save or delete. There is also a new on-screen interface for choosing screenshotting tools.

Continuity Camera:

You can now capture a video or photo on your iPhone and it will appear on the Mac. This is initiated from the Mac and can also scan documents.

New Apps:

Stocks app, Apple News app, Home app and Voice Memos app will all be coming to the Mac.


Can now disable social buttons such as like and share as well as comment sections, this is opt-in and is disabled by default. Fingerprinting is a new security feature which drastically makes it harder for tracking, based on system information by only showing ‘basic’ information.

Mac App Store:

Just as rumored, a redesigned interface which is similar – though not identical – to the iOS App Store will focus on curation and introduces a new sidebar for jumping to different categories. The new menu includes tabs for; Discover, Create, Work, Play and Develop. Also coming are video previews.

Cross-platform applications:

Apple has begun cross-platform applications by testing with Stocks, Apple News, Voice Memos and the Home app.