How to make a conference call on your iPhone

You can merge up to 5 calls on an iPhone at any one time, turning them all into a conference call. There is a number of reasons in which you might want to create a conference call such as an on-the-go work meeting, a family call to relatives in other countries. The opportunities are endless.

Creating the Conference Call:

  1. You start by making a normal call to one person and then placing that caller on hold. To place the caller on hold, press and hold the ‘mute’ button – in the top left – until the icon changes to a paused glyph and the text underneath chances to ‘On Hold’.
  2. Then, tap ‘Add Call’ to create another call.
  3. After tap ‘Merge Calls’ which will bring everybody together in the conference call.
  4. To add the other callers in repeat steps 2 and 3.

What you can do with a Conference Call:

If you want to drop a call (someone) from the conference, tap ‘Conference’ and then tap the end call glyph that appears. To confirm tap ‘End Call’ which will then terminate that caller from the Conference Call.

To speak individually with one of the callers inside of the Conference Call, again tap ‘Conference’ and then tap ‘Private’ next to the caller you want to only talk with. After you’ve finished – chatting secretly – tap ‘Merge Calls’ to bring the caller back into the Conference.

Adding a new incoming caller to an already existing Conference Call, tap ‘Hold Call + Answer’ followed by tapping ‘Merge Calls’.