Drug users using Apple Watch to monitor heart-rate; doctors say it gives false sense of security

Those who take drugs; cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine, speed and other drugs have been using the Apple Watch to attempt to make recreational drug use safer.

It isn’t likely to come up in casual face-to-face conversation. But scores of users on Reddit forumsTwitter and other social media sites write about the value of their Fitbit or Apple Watch in tracking their use of cocaine, ketamine, speed, and other drugs. Dozens of these threads have popped up in the past few years on the topic. Some focused on cocaine and others on MDMA, also known as ecstasy […]

“If someone says, ‘Let’s do a line,’ I’ll look at my watch,” Owen said. “If I see I’m at 150 or 160, I’ll say, ‘I’m good.’ That’s totally fine. Nobody gives you a hard time.”

By stopping the use of the drug when their heart-rate is too elevated. They believe they can reduce the risk of having a heart-attack. This is totally not true and provides a false sense of security.

Ethan Weiss, a cardiologist and associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco. Said heart rhythm and blood pressure are also impacted by cocaine use and aren’t currently trackable by most consumer smart devices.


Appleosophy strongly advises against not taking drugs, some of the above drugs are illegal and you may be subject to prosecution if you are found in possession of ‘illegal highs’. Taking illegal drugs may give you paralysis or even death.