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Appleosophy | What to Expect at Apple's Upcoming Event
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Every year Apple holds a September event where they announce new and exciting products. This year, the event will take place at the Steve Jobs theater which is on Apple’s new campus. This also happens to be the same place that it was held last year. It will start at 10am on September 12thand will be livestreamed by Apple for everyone to watch.

There are many products that are rumored to be released at the event, but we will have to wait and see to be sure. The first product that is expected and basically guaranteed to be announced is the new iPhones. There will be a few different models announced. According to leaks from Apple, we know that one of the models will be called the iPhone XS and will come in various sizes and colours. This iPhone is expected to look very similar to the iPhone X from the outside but will get updated internals. The two main design differences between the iPhone X and the iPhone XS is that it will come in a new gold colour and will be offered in a larger size. This is all the was revealed from the leak, but it sounds like Apple will be mostly keeping the same design from the iPhone X and updating it with newer components.

The other iPhone that Apple is expected to release is similar to that of the iPhone XS but without some of it premium features so that it can be more budget friendly. It will likely not have an OLED display but instead an LCD display which is what all iPhones except the iPhone X currently use. They will also likely use aluminum for the sides of the device rather than stainless steel. This iPhone will probably be the more popular choice due to its lower price tag.

Moving away from the iPhone lineup, the next device that will likely be released is the Apple Watch Series 4. The new Apple Watch was also recently leaked and showed much smaller bezels and more actual screen. It will also feature a solid-state button on the side which means that it isn’t an actual button but instead uses haptic feedback. This was first introduced by Apple back on the iPhone 7. By eliminating the opening needed for an actual button the device could become more water resistant. Apple will of course also update the components of the Apple watch with newer and faster ones.

The next product that has a chance of showing up will either be unveiled at the September event or at an October event that is held sometimes. That device is the iPad Pro. Recently, images of the new iPad Pro were leaked but we can’t know how accurate they really are until the event happens in just over a week. The images show an iPad that is almost all screen with much smaller bezels. What might also surprise people is that the images show that the device has no home button, just like on the iPhone X. Something else that is a big surprise to many is that the images show no headphone jack indicating that Apple has decided to remove it. We can also assume that the new iPad Pro will come with Face ID because of the lack of the home button and touch ID. There are also some rumors that it will come in a 1TB storage option which very much be possible since they might even put 512GB into the next iPhone. Based on the leaks so far it looks like the next iPad Pro could be a very promising addition to the iPad lineup.

The MacBook is next on the list and could also be revealed in October depending on if Apple decides to have an October event. It is expected that Apple will announce a new 12-inch and 13-inch MacBook. These MacBooks will look very similar to the current design. There is also a high chance that Apple will release a new updated version of their cheapest Mac – the Mac Mini which has not been updated in a number of years.

The last few products that we expect to be released at the September event are ones that have been known about for a long time. AirPower and a wireless charging case for AirPods. AirPower is Apple’s wireless charging matt that was revealed at last year’s September event. It was shown being able to charge up to three devices at once but has been heavily delayed. One of the devices that was shown being charged on AirPower was AirPods. Currently AirPods are not able to be wirelessly charged so we can assume that a new AirPods case will be released alongside AirPower.

These are the products the we believe have the highest chances of being released at Apple’s next big event happening in just over a week.

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