Apple Surveys iMac Pro users of their favorite features, Possibly for upcoming Mac Pro

Apple has been sending a survey to iMac Pro buyers recently to investigate which features of the professional Mac they like the best, and we speculate that it may be related to the upcoming Mac Pro. According to users, Apple lists several important features of iMac Pro, including Thunder 3 port, Intel Xeon chip, T2 chip, external display support and so on.

Apple often sends such surveys to users, but this time the poll about iMac Pro may indicate that Apple is trying to introduce key features that professional users want to see on future Pro devices, such as the “rethinking” modular Mac that is still under development. Which Cupertino promised it will be launch by the year 2019.

There are very few rumors about the new Mac Pro. We only know that Apple is developing a modular Mac Pro that can handle VR content and high-end film production. The form of modularity is completely unknown. To this end, Apple has also set up a “professional workflow team”, which may be this team that sends out questions to consumers.

Image Via Apple World Today

Jing Moreno
Author: Jing Moreno

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