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Exclusive: Download iPhone XR Wallpapers & other iPhone 2018 wallpapers

As with any new iPhone models, Apple provides several new wallpapers for the latest generation of iPhone’s. As with last year, the iPhone X got several new Live Wallpapers and several new Dynamic Wallpapers, and this year, Apple included three new Live Wallpapers, featuring a bubble for the iPhone Xs, and Apple also included new iPhone XR still wallpapers.

After digging through the iOS system software, Appleosophy can conform that iPhone XR does not include the new bubble wallpapers on non iPhone X devices. The iPhone XR models will also receive new Dynamic Wallpapers, which are Appleosophy exclusive, found by our Writer Vis Berry.

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These new Dynamic Wallpapers for iPhone XR join the new ones for iPhone X (2017) and later, while older devices like the iPhone 8 (2017) are still using Dynamic Wallpapers from 2013’s iOS 7’s beta 1 release, it would be nice to see Apple update their dated Dynamic Wallpapers with something new.

iPhone XR Wallpapers (Stills)

The new iPhone XR wallpapers match every single new color option available for the iPhone XR. Just like the iPhone 5c (2013), they are included by default in iOS and after every restore or Home Screen Layout refresh, these wallpapers set to their default, depending on the hardware color.



iPhone Xs Wallpapers (Live)

The new iPhone Xs wallpapers are more sophisticated with having true black colors that the Super Retina OLED display can shut off pixels.

These wallpapers feature what looks like a planet, but they are actually a bubble. 3D Touch or long press on the image, and open Photos. On an iPhone 6s (2015) or later, these wallpapers support 3D Touch, so you can see their slick animation on the Lock screen.


iPhone XR Wallpapers (Dynamic)

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone XR features several new Dynamic wallpapers, never seen before, exclusively obtained by Appleosophy. Obviously, you will not be able to have the Dynamic version, as they are in a custom format, but you can download the stills below.


With these wallpapers, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to rock Apple’s latest wallpapers. What do you think about these wallpapers, and will you be using them? Let us know in the comments below!

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