Apple today released the latest issue of its Transparency Report, which specifically shows how governments and countries request data in the first half of 2018. The company, however, still provides reports in PDF format, as well as documents in CSV format for easy in-depth analysis.

Apple also made a new design for the page to display the data in a more intuitive way, enable the user to query more conveniently. Previous reports have been published in PDF format and are difficult to parse. The new page presents data for each country and region separately and also breaks down the different categories, make transparency reports more transparent.

According to Apple’s report, the number of device data requests is on the rise globally. In the first half of this year, a total of 32,342 requests for data were received, involving 163,823 devices; data was provided for 25,829 requests, with a response rate of 80%.

The German government has the highest number of requests, and the report also gives figures that the country’s high demand is mainly used for the investigation of stolen devices. The amount of data from that Australia, Germany, Spain, and USA is also rising.