Today, a confidential document for the Apple authorized repair providers has clad up with an update on repairing 42mm Apple Watches. The update rules out for the updated criteria for 42mm Series 0 and 1 Apple Watch services. You’ll have to end up getting a Series 2 instead of a Series 0 or 1 as a replacement for service, but that’s better than an old 42mm guy, right? Let’s dig into the details now. 

First of all, due to the lack of parts for Series 1 and 0, the demand is at risk and repair facilities, will replace your 42mm Apple Watch to a Series 2 version. Macrumors has examined several sources that have this information thereof. The report notes, “Apple is requiring all authorized service providers, to offer Series 2 Apple Watch in 42mm to 42mm Apple Watch wearers who are eligible for service, either the warranty or out of warranty service.” This is significant because they can’t restock Apple Watch parts for the Series 0/1 as it’s too old now, especially that more people own Series 2-4 nowadays. It’s now very rare to find parts for Apple Watch that not as much people own, and if it’s almost obsolete. 

Second of all, this change will be effective from February to April. It may also affect the Genius Bar. “This program may not affect all of the 42mm Apple Watch Series 0 such as stainless steel models or Hermès….. Albeit the limitations, this change will be effective for two months, starting from February 2019 to April 2019…… This program might make it to the Genius Bar somewhere soon.” This implies that this will only affect a shorter time than what Apple did to the Series 0 Sport users for replacement Series 1s in mid 2017. But, that one affected the Apple Store Genius Bar as well. 

Thus far, the new program might have a more significant effect than the 2017 Series 1 replacements from the Series 0. This program will replace the entirety of a Series 1/0 Apple Watch 42mm, to a Series 2.