The LAMEEKU Apple Watch and iPhone dock is a great charging dock to keep your iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and your Apple Pencil in one place. The dock comes in a aluminum slab, which you can choose in between 5 colors: Rose gold, space gray, matte black, silver, and gold. The base is natural wood, which every different dock has their own unique wood pattern.

One thing I like about this iPhone dock is that it has magnets on the wood base to keep your AirPods in place while it charges. These strong magnets will help prevent the lightning cable from pulling the AirPods out of the docking station. There’s also lots of silicone on the Apple Watch holder and iPhone holder to keep your devices in place and to reduce the risk of damaging your aluminum iPhone and Apple Watch. There’s a large silicone pad on the bottom of the wooden base so the dock wouldn’t tip off when you tap on your iPhone, or place a big iPad Pro on it.

Another useful feature of this dock is the 3 cable management system. This will keep your desk setup neat, and no tangled cables, especially with all of your iOS devices!

The only downside is that the bottom silicone can lose grip over time, but it’s caused by the dust buildup underneath it. This can be solved by wiping it clean with a damp cloth, with soap and water.

Overall, this iPhone and Apple Watch docking station is minimal and very sleek. It’ll match your iPhone, and your desk setup full of Apple products, and can accommodate slim to bulky cases. I highly recommend this dock to my Appleosophy readers and my team, and for every Apple Watch wearer! This dock retails for 21 dollars as of the day of writing, and you can buy it here.