Review: Globe Designer Series Power Strip (2 USB)

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Appleosophy | Review: Globe Designer Series Power Strip (2 USB)
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In addition to my desk setup along with the LAMEEKU iPhone and Apple Watch dock I had, I paired it along with a matching accessory that everyone needs. It’s a minimal, and practical power strip named the Globe Designer Series 2-USB, 3-Outlet power strip. It retails from $16-$25 by color on Amazon. It comes in eleven colors to match your desk setup or your room.

Appleosophy | Review: Globe Designer Series Power Strip (2 USB) 

One fascinating thing I like about this power strip is the sleek design, and the streamlined modern style. The plug is very flat so if you have to plug it in behind your large desk, it’ll be more easier to plug it in. Another great feature of this product is the minimalistic infrastructure, which doesn’t look like a traditional power strip. It’s something that will blend into the type of desk setup you have, such as a big iMac and some silver Apple products.

There’s eleven colors to choose for every type of desk setup you have. They consist of teal, white, black, pink, purple, gray (the one I own), beige, black and flash, light blue, ardiac and brown. Gray can go well with a space gray or silver desk setup, while black can go with a all black setup.

Appleosophy | Review: Globe Designer Series Power Strip (2 USB)

Another great feature I would like to share with you guys are the USB ports. They reduce the necessity of claustrophobic space with excessive power adapters and they charge your iPhone and your peripheral devices rapidly and constantly! Yes it only takes about an hour to charge an iPhone to 80% from this accessory.


Appleosophy | Review: Globe Designer Series Power Strip (2 USB)

Only downside is that this power strip needs a nonslip bottom and an on/off button. I hate when it comes to not using the power strip as much, and moving it too much. The nonslip bottom would be perfect to prevent the power strip from sliding off tables or rubbing my hardwood floors, and the on/off switch would be perfect because I don’t want it to take up my electricity bill when I don’t use it for a long time. Everytime when I leave my house for work or Cupertino vacation, I have to unplug the power strip, then plug it back in once I’m home. This can be solved with a switch, as this would’ve prevented from plugging in and out very excessively.


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