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2019 MacBook Pro will feature entirely glass touchscreen keyboard

Macrumors has lots of evidence that “Apple can solve the entirety of the ‘sticky keys’ flaw in the MacBook Pro by making the keyboard all in glass…… and with touch capacitive keys.” Now 2019 is a year since the keyboard concerns with the 2017 MacBook Pro ended. Last year’s MacBook Pro had thick silicone flesh underneath the keys to add protection from dust and foreign matter to enter the keys, but it can still get jammed if you’re treat it like a dirty mop head!

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Evidence from Appleinsider suggests that the recent patents Apple has published used the raised sections as keys on the integrated glass panel to provide haptic feedback when the keys are pressed. This is slightly different than the touchscreen keyboard, but it is a little similar in style of the latest Apple Smart Keyboard. The key symbols and icons will be printed on a layer underneath the glass, and the Touch Bar is fused together with the top of the keyboard.

The patent also suggested that the side sections will be used as a trackpad, and for a Touch ID sensor. Apple has been filing many patents of keyboards for the MacBook Pro a lot, since the issue with the dusty key caps has gotten viral.

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