A useful way to track your packages visually and in a simple way comes from an app named Arrive. This app let’s you track your packages with a map and in a clean, simple design. This delivery tracking app is free, and it also gives you a confetti effect when your package is delivered at your house. The app is also owned by online shopping network Shopify. This app is great for people that do not want to pay for the Deliveries app which is another amazing delivery app which is available on the App Store for $4.99 for both Mac and iOS.

One great feature I like in the app is the map. It shows me how my package went through a journey of thousands of miles. Theirs also lines drawn in the map to show where your package has been. Only downside is that the lines aren’t as accurate- they only show where the package has came though in each post office.

Another feature that is superb is the summary of the package tracking. Instead of multiple emails or a long list, Arrive makes the whole entire view of your packages in a clean summary. It’ll also have an area for your USPS emails as well.

Overall, tracking your packages has never been simpler with Arrive. I would highly recommend this app to our Appleosophy readers, because it’s a good way to track your packages for people that do not want to pay for the deliveries app.