Tonight at 8 PM Eastern time, the Grammys will be streaming live on TV. While you watch the Grammys on TV, you can use Shazam on your iPhone to get full information about the artists, nominees, and more.

But there’s a surprise that will be useful: Free four months of Apple Music subscription. This is the first time Apple ever introduced an Apple Music trial this long. A typical Apple Music free trial is three months, but in some cases 4 months. Today is the only day you can get this offer, during the Grammys tonight.

Directions to get the Apple Music Offer:

Apple released a story about this offer on the App Store that has the information about the instructions to get the offer:

Viewers at home can also Shazam the Grammy Awards at any point during the live broadcast to identify songs from the awards show and unlock a special four months trial offer from Apple Music.

To do this, open the Shazam app, tap to listen, and get a custom Grammy Awards experience highlighting any song being performed in real time – plus a full timeline of music from the night.

The Apple Music special offer will also be featured in the experience and allow new subscribers to sign up and receive four months free.

This is significant because Apple is now implementing special offers in Shazam. Apple has associated with Shazam for a few months already. The company may do more offers like this in the future.