Recent report on the AirPods 2 reveals that gripping will be added on the AirPod including a new black color that may release. These AirPods will be set to release this spring, with improvements in sound quality, and bass.

Evidence from a recent MySmartPrice reported that,

“The AirPods 2 will have the grip coating like the Pixel 3’s glass, which is soft to touch. This coating will not be only on the top, but on the entirety of each AirPod. The price will be $199, and the coating may be on the next iPhone as well.”

This implies that not only the AirPods will have wireless charging, but it may feature a redesign and Bluetooth 5.0, and a black color option. It’s great to have this feature because the AirPods wouldn’t be easy to fall out if a grip coating is added onto it.

We’ve heard so much over the improvements in sound and bass from this recent report as well from news source Digitimes, which may be led to a higher probability the new AirPods will get this feature. The price is rumored to be $40 more than the current AirPods.