[Opinion] AirPods Review: A great earbud in a small package.

Appleosophy | [Opinion] AirPods Review: A great earbud in a small package.
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In my opinion, I like my new AirPods. One great feature about them is that they charge by themselves. I got them as a late Christmas gift from my friend, and I have a great experience with them. As an Apple Watch wearer, I get to have more features with using my AirPods.

First of all, the sound quality is way better than the EarPods that came with my iPhone. I can feel the bass against my ears; like when I listen to music with a HomePod. Even with the ambient noise, the sound makes it like when I’m in another world. 8D music videos make this type of experience way better than traditional Apple EarPods.

Second of all, there are many gestures and magical features with the AirPods. AirPods can detect the presence of the AirPod in the ear, and fine-tune the audio to make the listening experience smooth. If you take off one AirPod, the music on your iPhone automatically pauses, and the audio plays again once you put back an AirPod in your ear. This is one of the best features in this paragraph that is great to the average iPhone user, like me.

You can also summon Siri by tapping twice on an AirPod. Or if you prefer, you can change this setting for a specific AirPod in your iPhone settings. These functions include rewinding or fast forwarding music, Siri, music playback, and stopping the music.

Finally, the battery life on AirPods lasts longer than the previous Bluetooth headphones I used to have. You can charge the battery of an individual AirPod in its charging case for five times, giving you up to fifteen hours of battery life. You won’t need to carry a charging cable for your AirPods as well.

To conclude, AirPods is the best Apple product Apple developed since the new generation of the iPhone. They’re comfy, and I’m surely appreciate how less the space takes up in my bag. I bring it to my weekend trips, but not to work. They’re the perfect companion for listening to the latest Appleosophy Weekly episodes every weekend.

Kateland Vu
Author: Kateland Vu

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