Apple is providing a free month of Apple Music subscription for your friend with a referral notification. Current Apple Music subscribers who have an individual subscription can give a free month to a friend! The recipient can be anyone, who has an iPhone or an iTunes account, regardless if they have an Apple Music subscription or not.

When the user taps on the notification, they’ll be directed to a page to send referral links for free Apple Music subscriptions for people. Albeit with the offer, it’s very bothersome to have Apple promote its services through notifications. This is very significant because if Apple does this to the App Store, that can bother the App Store guidelines as well. It also entices customers to get Apple Music. If you don’t want these notifications making your iPhone like a pest, then you can set notifications for the Apple Music app to deliver quietly or not at all. It’s easy to do this in iOS 12; just slide the notification to the left, tap Manage, then tap Deliver Quietly or Turn Off Notifications.

This promotion from Apple can extend the free trial of Apple Music from three months to four months if the recipient didn’t use their free trial yet. Otherwise, the recipient gets the next free month of Apple Music for the next billing cycle.

In conclusion, Apple has been doing Apple Music offers like this since last week. Last weekend for the Grammy awards, Apple gave away 4 months worth of free Apple Music subscriptions to those who Shazam on the Grammys. Apple is now promoting Apple Music in spite of the sales.