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Apple Pay Showing Up as a Payment Option on eBay

It was announced last year that eBay was going to be adding Apple Pay as a payment method to their app and website. eBay said that it should be fully released onto their platform by 2021. However, it would appear as though the rollout for it has begun.

Twitter user @Thailer_Jaymz sent us a message this morning, showing us that Apple Pay has started showing up as a payment option in the eBay app.

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After going through some other product pages through the eBay app, Apple Pay is still not on many eBay pages as a payment option, so the rollout looks to be very gradual.

We hope to see a big rollout for Apple Pay on eBay in 2019, as Apple Pay is one of the most secure methods of paying today when it comes to online or brick-and-mortar retail shopping.

Feature image via PYME.ES

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