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Opinion: Which Twitter App Should You Be Using For Your Business?

On the day of Twitter’s birthday, we thought it would be great to show you which apps you should be using for your business when it comes to tweeting from a business Twitter account.

Note that this article is more so directed towards using a Mac when tweeting. One app will be free, while the other one will be a premium app.

  • Tweetbot for Mac: The first app that we recommend for business owners for Twitter usage is Tweetbot for Mac. This is a third-party app that has a great design for the Mac and is appealing to the eye. In Tweetbot, you will still be able to do things like post tweets at 256 characters and attaching GIFs and emojis. You can also create columns in the app for following certain keywords or hashtags, as well as track your @ mentions. The only part where the app suffers is the poll function. Due to the limited Twitter API for third-party apps like Tweetbot, it cannot do polls and a variety of other features that the Twitter website and app would have. Tweetbot for Mac can be found in the Mac App Store for $9.99. Additionally, Tweetbot is available for the iPhone and iPad for $4.99 in the App Store.
  • TweetDeck: Sadly, there is no more Twitter for Mac app, but the TweetDeck app was just updated in 2019 for the first time in a few years and has all of the features that the Twitter website has. What I think is the best feature of the app is that it has streaming on it. This means that your timeline is constantly refreshing on its own (Tweetbot previously had the feature, but it was removed due to the Twitter API changes in August 2018). Like with Tweetbot, you can have multiple columns open to track keywords, hashtags and mentions. TweetDeck can be found in the Mac App Store as a free download.
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Both apps are great for business owners and for those who regularly use Twitter to engage and interact with their followers and audience.

Let us know in the comments which Twitter app you decided to use based on this article or which Twitter app you use to manage your account.

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