Apple has released a new ad called “Apple at Work,” which is about a group of Apple employees who are probably not as well-known as others such as Jony Ive or Phil Schiller.

The big debate in the ad is why round pizzas come in a square box. A team of Apple workers gets to work to show why a round pizza box would make more sense than using a square box.

They get a meeting with Vivienne, who is supposed to be one of their higher-up bosses, and that getting a meeting with her is a big deal.

From there, the team spends two days trying to prove why it would be better to have pizzas in a round box instead of a square box. In the ad, you see most new Apple products being used such as the iPad Pro, iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and the Apple Pencil, as well as Apple apps and features such as Microsoft Excel (technically Microsoft but still cool to see in the ad), the Calendar app on the Apple Watch and the TouchBar on the MacBook Pro.

To see the ad for yourself, view the video below: