iPhone XR is 22% Cheaper in India

Appleosophy | iPhone XR is 22% Cheaper in India
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Long Overdue Price-Cuts

Apple is finally realizing the importance of the premium smartphone market in India, and has decided to cut the prices up to 22% for all iPhone XR models only.

Apple is currently in the third position in the premium smartphone segment in India, and hopes to push their market share up with the new pricing, effective from Friday.

This type of move is uncharacteristic of Apple as they have never reduced the price of the latest iPhone. Usually price cuts occur after the release of a succeeder, but they seem to have taken a different approach this time.

Why the price cuts?

Last year, the cheapest available premium iPhone was the iPhone 8, and the iPhone XR was launched at almost 20% more of a starting price than the iPhone 8. That significantly increased the buy-in price for the latest and cheapest iPhone.

The new price cuts will match the entry point for a flagship iPhone similar to last year, and might significantly boost the sales of the iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR is already the most popular amongst the 2018 iPhones in India, mainly because it is the cheapest option in the already very expensive line-up.

The iPhone this year also had to start very expensive due to the new import taxes of smartphones and the depreciation of the Indian Rupee.

The New Pricing

iPhone XR India Pricing

64GB – 59,900 (New) vs 76,900 (Old)

128GB – 64,900 (New) vs 81,900 (Old)

256GB – 74,900 (New) vs 91,900 (Old)

The boxes will continue to represent the old prices as the MRP, while the selling price will be the newer pricing. This is similar to what other manufactures, such as Samsung, do in India.


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Praveen Nagaraj
Author: Praveen Nagaraj

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