According to a report by The Financial Times, Apple is spending “several million dollars” per game for its gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade.  Apple Arcade was announced at Apple’s March Event but they still didn’t announce the price for Apple Arcade. If the game stays exclusive to Apple Arcade, Apple offers “extra incentive” for funding.

Apple Arcade isn’t the only service costing Apple so much money. The Texture acquisition will cost Apple about $480 million. This acquisition is for Apple News+. Apple is reportedly also spending billions of dollars a year on original content for its TV subscription service, Apple tv+.

Developers can release their games on consoles like Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. One place where these games won’t be available though is on the Google Play Store. Arcade games will also not be available in the App Store like normal games.

Apple Arcade games will be available across all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.


Image Credit: Apple Newsroom