Imagine there is a way to enter small phrases of text, only to have them expand to a larger text string, enabling you type faster when writing emails, documents or reports, and more. Actuality, macOS includes such a feature that would come in handy, here’s how to use it!

  1. Spotlight search for “System Preferences“, or click the icon on the dock
  2. Click on Keyboard, then navigate to the Text tab
  3. Once you are in there, it will show up a list which says Replace and With
  4. Type the shortcut on the Replace area, then enter the full-length text in the With column

Once you’ve set these shortcuts, the next time you type a shortcut in an app such as Notes or Mail, it will automatically expand to a complete word or phrase. It’s worth mentioning here that although there is no limit to how many texts you can insert, we recommend that you don’t use common words, otherwise you might use them when you plan to not to.

Besides, you can also enter an address, name, phone number, and URLs to boost productivity. This may be one of the most time-saving features of macOS. Best of all, you can also do the same thing on iOS devices by going to Settings -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement.

Image By Ask Different – Stack Exchange