Welcome to the Appleosophy Jobs page, here you will find all the job listings that we currently have open. If you have any questions please contact us. You must agree to these requirements before applying for a job:

  • Must be 14 or older to apply.
  • By joining you acknowledge that you will not attempt to harm Appleosophy servers or accounts.
  • Must work well in a team and follow instructions from the executive team.
  • Strong passion for Apple and Apple Products.
  • Understand that all positions are voluntary.
  • All work carried out must be unique – for Appleosophy – and not plagiarised.
  • If you get the position, you will need to agree to the Appleosophy Employee Regulations.


Website Developer:

As an Appleosophy Web Developer, you will be tasked with completing work on all Appleosophy websites. You will work diligently with our COO and CWM to successfully create a user friendly web presence. If you have any further questions about the web developer position please contact us.


As a writer, you will have the task of creating unique and high-quality articles on a frequent basis, which include at least 500 words. We expect a minimum of two articles being written per week unless you have express permission. You must also know variations of American English – an example of this would be Colour which is the correct spelling in British English. However, in American English, the word is spelt Color. If you have any further questions about the writing position please contact us.

Appleosophy Today Editor:

As an Appleosophy Today Editor, you will have to work well in a team environment. Alongside, being able to be available for around 15 to 30 minutes, Monday to Friday to choose which Apple and Tech news stories feature in each episode. You will also have to carry out research; highlighting the key facts and rephrasing them for the script before sending it to the host of Appleosophy Today for that day. This job will only be part-time as Appleosophy Today runs in seasons.

German Translator:

Appleosophy currently owns and runs a German version of its website and Instagram account. You will need to be speaking German as your primary or secondary language and must translate everything as fluently and accurately as possible. We need you to be working most days of the week as we aim to keep our followers in the loop with all of the latest. If you have any further questions about the German Translator position please contact us.

Female Advisor:

Our team currently is comprised of 100% men. We want to change this and get more women to join the Appleosophy team. Your job as Female Advisor would be to provide the executive team with knowledge and advice on how to manage a team with women and to also get more women to apply for jobs at Appleosophy. If you have any further questions about the Female Advisor position please contact us.

Application Form

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