Holden Satterwhite

Chief Executive Officer

Holden Satterwhite is the CEO of Appleosophy. He manages day to day conduct at Appleosophy, while guiding Appleosophy’s administrative tasks, and managing the Executive and Appleosophy Team. He lives in the United States

Chris Grainger

Chief Operations Officer

Chris Grainger is the Chief Operating Officer for Appleosophy. He manages normal conduct for Appleosophy, reporting to Appleosophy CEO Holden Satterwhite. He also does weekly livestreams on the @appleosophy Instagram account and connects with our growing fanbase.

David Becker

Chief Content Officer 

David oversees the Appleosophy Writers team for the Appleosophy website and the content we create, reporting to Appleosophy CEO Holden Satterwhite.