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Welcome to Appleosophy’s Press Pack, in which you can find all the latest information about us. On this page you will find details about the History of Appleosophy, Logo & Design Material, Links to our Social Media, Press Info and Meetings and also the latest Press Releases and Announcements.

If you have any questions or enquiries please contact our Cheif Executive Officer, Holden Satterwhite via email: [email protected]

Appleosophy (formerly ‘Apple Tech News & Rumours’) was originally founded in 2015, with the focus of reporting Apple news for the public to see. You can view our documented milestones on

Appleosophy originally started off as Apple Tech News and Rumours, but was later changed in 2016; as the team expanded and so did our audience. 

Today, Appleosophy has a hard-working team from around the globe, speaking a range of languages. 

Here is our downloadable press pack available to the public that contains; Appleosophy Branding Guidelines, Logos & Other important information regarding Appleosophy’s team.

To view this information; please see the download links below.

Instagram: @appleosophy

Snapchat: @appleosophy

Facebook: Appleosophy

Twitter: @appleosophy

Telegram: Apple News Channel

Appleosophy has regular quarterly meetings to discuss earnings for the company’s monthly quarterly stats. This includes earnings, demographic information and possible updates that could be coming soon. 

Contact Holden to find out when our meetings are and how you can listen to them live, or recorded from past events. (This may be beneficial to potential advertisers)

You can find all of Appleosophy’s announcements and press releases here:

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